Direct Search is the most effective recruitment method due to the proactive nature of the exercise.

The process starts by identifying our Client’s needs and objectives, then analyzing his/her business before suggesting the best solutions to reach the objectives in the most effective way. We jointly agree on the project steps and complete the market survey in order to identify the right candidates for a job.

The talent pool comes from various sectors and areas of expertise. By use of our extensive database and our professional network, we identify and approach candidates who are actively or not actively looking for a career change.

We represent the Client during the entire process. The search process is a two way knowledge sharing exercise between the Client and BCL Group.

Job Searching

Advertising Source

An alternative way to recruit would be to place job advertisements in various medias such as social media, newspapers etc.  Advertising Source refers to this kind of recruitment process.

Generally, recruitment through advertisement follows the steps below:

  • advertising the position;
  • screening and selecting the appropriate applications;
  • over the phone pre-interview with selected candidates;
  • face to face interview with relevant candidates;
  • categorizing relevant applications according to relevance;
  • presentation of best profiles;
  • provide feedback to the approached and interviewed candidates;

By outsourcing parts of these activities or the entire process to BCL Group, the Client’s HR department could focus on other business related activities.

For this service we use our team of researchers supported by our experience recruiters.

avertisment source

Advertising Filter


Advertising Filter aims to support clients who have already advertised a position but would like a 3rd party service provider to screen and recommend best relevant profiles. Advertising Source includes the following activities:

  • screening and selecting appropriate applications;
  • categorizing all applications for further use.


All applications will be categorized and delivered to Clients.

Quick Talent

Active in the Romania market since 2004, BCL Group benefits from a good understanding of the labor market and talent pool. There are positions in high demand or where high staff turn-over is a reality. For these types of vacancies we keep an up-to-date database of such talents that we can supply in short notice and at a modest recruitment fee. Imagine filling in a position in 5 days, guarantee included. This service is available only for certain positions such as junior accountant, retail store personnel, front desk officer, sales representative, junior lawyer.


Human Capital Consultancy

What is the benefit of having a vast amount of experience if not shared? We work on a daily basis with Clients from various industries and area of expertise on human capital related service.

We offer Consultancy services such as:

  • drafting labor law related documents (collective agreement contract, individual employment contract, internal regulations policy book, functioning regulation book etc.);
  • assistance in negotiations with employee representatives or unions;
  • analyze and design of the organizational chart, internal processes, job descriptions, KPI’s etc.;
  • HR processes and procedures audit and improvement;
  • career plan;
  • training plan;
  • performance evaluation.






We offer outplacement services to clients who are faced with a downsizing or dismissal of excess staff. BCL Group has vast experience in the area. Outplacement services may include:

  • employee counseling and career guidance;
  • resume writing;
  • job interview play roles;
  • personalized marketing plan;
  • resume distribution;
  • job fair events (for large downsizings) and more.