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We are a privately owned company founded in 2004, focused on delivering custom-made Direct Search, Management Consulting and Staffing Services

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Covering a wide range of sectors and expertise, BCL Group has gained relevant experience as a trusted business partner both to clients and candidates. 

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Direct search

The talent pool comes from various sectors and areas of expertise. By use of our extensive database and our professional network, we identify and approach the right candidates who are actively or passively looking for a career change. 


The search process is a two-way knowledge sharing exercise between the Client and BCL Group. 

Management Consultancy

What is the benefit of having a vast amount of experience if not sharing it? We work daily with Clients from various industries and deliver highly personalised solutions.

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Temporary Staffing

Your temporary projects / needs can be fulfilled through a flexible framework, with our constant guidance for the candidates in the employment process and further HR administrative & payroll services. 

Companies who trust us

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